Post EP elections – What is at stake now for the #Europewewant?

Wednesday, 28 May 12.45h- 14.00h, moderated by CONCORD director Seamus Jeffreson


Welcome – Setting the scene
Seamus Jeffreson (director of CONCORD)

What happened in the pre-elections and campaigning phase
Natalia Alonso, Co-chair of the CONCORD EP elections group

The new political make-up: Analysis of the formal power balances in the New European Parliament
Sabine Terlecki, CONCORD Head of Policy &Advocacy
The political weight of the new EP?
Adam Nyman, Debating Europe (tbc)
New key players on the EP scene?Neil Datta, Secretary General of the European Parliamentary Forum  (EPF) (tbc)

CONCORD’s plans in the Post- election phase
Javier Pereira, Co-chair of CONCORD’s EP elections taskforce)

Q&A with the Candidate(s) for the CONCORD presidency on their view re the EP Post-election phase