In English, French and Spanish.

During the first half of 2014 the European Union Delegations (EUD) are developing country CSO roadmaps to strengthen the strategic cooperation and structured dialogue of EU and member states with Civil Society organizations at partner country level. Therefore, it is now the time to build capacity and mobilize local civil society organisations (CSOs) to engage with the EU delegations. This is a unique opportunity for local, national and international CSOs working in countries across the world to engage in dialogue with their respective EU Delegation and to make their and their constituencies’ voices heard.

In this brief you will find information on the background to and the next steps of the EU country CSO roadmaps, enabling you to engage effectively with your local EU Delegation. This includes information on:

1. Background: EU commitment to engaging with civil society
2. Purpose: Why CSO Country Roadmaps?
3. Process: What has been done and what lies ahead?
4. Structure: What will the roadmaps include?
5. CSO Engagement: What Next? What CSO action?

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