CONCORD welcomes the positive results of the latest Eurobarometer survey which shows support for EU development cooperation remains high.

Commenting was Seamus Jeffreson, CONCORD Director

“Great timing, great news. The positive results come just as the European Year for Development has begun. The challenge now is to engage citizens in a new conversation about development, one that goes beyond the importance of aid and looks at how our consumption, lifestyles and policies in Europe affect global development as a whole”.


Some key results of the Special Eurobarometer on development:

The number of people who are in favour of increasing aid has gone up significantly: At 67% the share of Europeans who agree with this has increased by 6 percentage points since 2013, a level this high was last seen in 2010.

One in two Europeans sees a role for individuals in tackling poverty in developing countries (50%). A third of EU citizens are personally active in tackling poverty (34%), mainly through giving money to charity organisations (29%).

Most Europeans believe that Europe itself also benefits from giving aid to others: 69% say that tackling poverty in developing countries also has a positive influence on EU citizens. Around three quarters think that it is in the EU’s interest (78%) and contributes to a more peaceful and equitable world (74%).

For Europeans, volunteering is the most effective way of helping to reduce poverty in developing countries (75%). But a large majority also believe that official aid from governments (66%) and donating to organisations (63%) have an impact.

Notes to editors:

1. The Eurobarometer survery can be found here:
2. CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs