Propose new members for the Steering Group of the Civil Society Alliance by Wed 21st January.

governance structure

The EYD2015 Civil Society Alliance

  • fosters critical discussions on and engagement for global justice among the citizens of the EU, involving different stakeholders in the discussion beyond the usual development sector.
  • engages groups of citizens, including political actors, in critical discussions and public engagement at national and community level through NGOs, including well known and new constituencies/platforms and different CSOs active in different fields.
  • organises pan-European activities in dialogue and consultation with the EU institutions, aiming for a proper space and visibility of civil society organisations as key actors
  • collects and cluster citizens’ input and propose policy recommendations to EU and national institutions

The Alliance STEERING GROUP is the ultimate decision-making body which leads strategically the Alliance and the EYD2015 project. It actively collaborates with the members of the Alliance, convenes once a month and guides the work of the Civil Society Alliance Secretariat. It seeks for synergies aiming at successful achievement of the project objectives and oversees the general running of the project.

The current Steering Group will now be enlarged with new members up to max. 10 members altogether. The SG composition will be announced after CONCORD Board meeting of 26-27 January 2015.

Present your candidature because:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to become effective member of the decision-making body (for the Alliance and for the project)
  • You’ll represent your sector and area/s of expertise giving strategic guidance to the project
  • You’ll influence the main policy recommendations published at the end of 2015
  • You’ll be able to give your recommendations on the conferences and main events of EYD2015
  • You’ll have a say on new members joining the EYD2015 Alliance
  • You’ll be recognized as possible spokesperson when needed (and depending on the area of your expertise)

If you need any further information please call the EYD2015 Civil Society Alliance Project Coordinator Johanna Hakulinen
tel +32 (0)2 743 87 774 / skype johanna.hakulinen

Please propose a member by sending an email to by Wednesday 21st Jan 2015.