The current Gender Action Plan (GAP) was designed for the period from 2010 – 2015 with the aim to reinforce EU coordination regarding gender equality policies in development cooperation with partner countries in the interest of having more of an impact on the ground. In the run up to the preparation of the new GAP 2016-2020 the reviews have highlighted the need for building on what it has achieved, as well as taking into account the challenges it encountered. A new GAP is thus needed in order to strengthen the current European approach towards gender in external action in the coming years.

CONCORD Gender Working Group is actively following the process and recently published “Preliminary Recommendations for the new EU Gender Action Plan 2016 – 2020”.

Summary of the recommendations for the new GAP 2016-2020:
• Dedicate sufficient financial and human resources to gender equality
• Instate true expertise on gender within all EU institutions and delegations
• Ensure gender is integrated in all policy dialogue with partners through gender mainstreaming and targeted actions
• Ensure all EU and MS programming contains substantive and measurable gender mainstreaming as well as targeted gender-specific actions
• Ensure that EU commitments to policy coherence for sustainable development and human rights encompasses positive outcomes for everybody regardless of their age, gender identity or sexual orientation