Highlights from the EYD2015 ‘Romanian Development Camp’

14 July 2015

By Francesca Minniti, CONCORD Secretariat

romania 1

The eighth edition of the ‘Romanian Development Camp’ took place last week in Bucharest and on 8-9-10 July, during the “Development cooperation days”, the network of Romanian and international NGOs invited and coordinated by FOND Romania (the Romanian NGDO platform) gathered with many representatives from politics and institutions.

I was pleased to receive the invitation, from CONCORD the Secretariat, to attend the event and speak about the work of EYD2015 Civil Society Alliance, voicing out the European perspective of the EYD2015 European Year for Development 2015 – the cross-European initiative, also active in Romania.

CONCORD Europe wants to congratulate FOND for a perfect and very effective organization. Incredible has been the participation of the Romania political representatives, their strong preparation and their active interest in the world of development cooperation and foreign affairs, in a region that is playing an important role in the geopolitics of Eastern Europe and in the EU neighborhood policy.

Many representatives of the Romanian and international institutions, representatives of different ministries and from the UN system have made the debates relevant and wide-ranging.

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We discussed deeply about development cooperation, the new global framework, foreign affairs, global environment, sustainable consumption, energy and public policies (making and implementation) on several fronts.

A strong youth participation (both from the institutional and from the NGO sides) showed that young people in Romania are really engaged on different levels and that they consider the belonging to a network like FOND a strength and a way to make their actions and their impact stronger and in synergy with other similar organisations inside and outside the EU.

In an interconnected world we cannot work in silos and we must seek a dialogue with the official institutions that represent us. At the same time institutions find in CSOs a serious and indispensable ally.

Seeing first-hand the effectiveness of the national platforms of CONCORD, as the Romanian one, FOND, is really appreciated for those who work in Brussels. Best pratices like the Romanian example must be replicated in other EU member states to make the network stronger and more representative.

We say a big thanks to FOND for the invitation and we wish good luck to all their partners for the challenges of the future-during (and especially after) the European Year 2015.