Building on the findings of the Mutual Engagement Report regarding the EU Country Roadmaps for Engagement with Civil Society, CONCORD analysed six countries’ roadmaps: Honduras, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Palestine and Senegal.

Intended to promote CONCORD’s information, analysis and knowledge sharing around the Roadmaps, the document presents a set of recommendations for strengthening this tool as a catalyst of an enhanced strategic cooperation and structured dialogue of the EU and its Member States with CSO’s in partner countries.

The analysis of the 6 roadmaps is available in 3 languages:

To inform CONCORD members and their partners about the status and next steps concerning EU Country Roadmaps process, the EU Delegation Sub-Group of the Funding for Development Working Group has also developed a briefing note with further information on the background, purpose and structure of the Roadmaps.

The briefing note is also available in 3 languages: