The European Commission is going to review the Financial Regulation in order to simplify it.
On 27 May, CONCORD members agreed on a few important points which the EC should consider. You will find all these elements in the position paper. Find below a short summary of the main recommendations.

Even though CONCORD is in favor of simplifying the rules, we have to be careful on how this simplification is done.

Here are the five major proposals of the position paper:

  • Guarantee ODA: one of the most important point of the revision is the possible use of trust funds in an internal action that may impact the Overseas Development Aid (ODA). It is important to be aware that ODA will not be subjected to the risk of being diverted from development objectives and mixed with funds for internal action, especially for the refugee costs
  • Clear, transparent and accessible information for funding opportunities: an improvement in the transparency of information on programming and upcoming calls for proposals would mean a substantial improvement of the efficiency of the funding relationship between the EU and civil society. A clearer, more transparent and more accessible information would benefit both the EC and the applicants.
  • Do simplify but do not muddle: we cannot mix the different ways of providing funding and the different specificities of each financial instrument.
  • Simplified forms of cost reimbursement: CONCORD would like to have a better overview of the experiences of grant beneficiaries and EU staff in other DG’s in recent years. So far, our experience has been that reporting against lump sums/flat rates is not necessarily perceived as being less burdensome than reporting on actual incurred costs. Simplifying cost options may not be the best way to simplify rules and procedures.
  • Payment by Results contracts: CONCORD recommends the EC to proceed with caution. The Payment by Results contracts should be implemented under the following conditions; on one hand, it should be well-prepared and on the other, it should respect the different natures of grant contracts.


To know more we invite you to read the entire position: