The European Consensus on Development is a policy statement that commits the European Union to eradicating poverty and building a fairer and more stable world. Recently, they decided to review and update the version of 2006.

We drafted a position paper highlighting our key asks for the new European Consensus based on our full response to the EC Open Public Consultation. This paper is an advocacy tool for our members and it will be used vis-à-vis the EU institutions and national institutions.

the European Consensus on Development

Almost two weeks have passed since we submitted our contribution to the EC public consultation to revise the European Consensus on Development. Since then, our members have worked very hard to finalise a short political paper which summarises our key asks and ambitions for a long-term vision of sustainable development.

This paper which is based on our full response to the European Commission’s public consultation is now available for your interest and use. Do not hesitate to share it within your network.

You can also find below our submission to the EC consultation.