Today, 30 high-level members from the EU’s Multi-stakeholder Platform on SDGs adopted common proposals from civil society, public and private to move towards a Sustainable EU by 2030. Despite coming all from very different backgrounds, representing very diverse constituencies, we managed to find common ground and strongly push together in the same direction. This paper will now feed into the upcoming European Commission reflection paper ‘Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030’.
Created in 2017 and chaired by First Vice-President Timmermans, the Multi-stakeholder platform aims to support and advise the European Commission on the implementation of SDGs at EU level. CONCORD was one of the 5 pen holders of this final paper, together with the Social PlatformCSR Europethe European Environmental Bureau and the European Committee of the Regions, building on the valuable contributions provided by all the members of the Platform and its management committee.

It is encouraging to see that a wide range of stakeholders join to demand strong actions from Europe to put sustainable development at the heart of its politics. We only have one planet. And nobody should be left behind, in Europe and globally. 


Transformation of our economic, social and environmental systems are needed to address current and future challenges. Every person, everywhere, must be able to live a decent life.


Sustainable Development is what’s needed to ensure good life for all that respects the environmental limits of our planet. All policies need to be coherent towards sustainable development: This common strategy sends a strong message from the Multi-stakeholder Platform on the implementation of the SDGs in Europe.
Johannes Trimmel

CONCORD President

CONCORD, together with all the other stakeholders, now looks forward to seeing our proposals reflected in the upcoming discussions on the Future of Europe, especially in light of the European elections of 2019.