In this (for now) final episode of our Talking Development Podcast WeMove.EU’s Laura Sullivan talks democracy: The hottest topics of these European Parliament elections, tackling political apathy, and why there are reasons for hope in youth engagement and a new style of political decency.

As executive director at, Laura Sullivan is at the forefront of campaigning for a Europe that puts social justice, climate action and citizen-led democracy at its heart. That and Laura’s ties to CONCORD – she held the Vice-Presidency from 2014 to 2017 – make her a perfect candidate to discuss the upcoming European Parliament elections with. Why do we all need go to the polls? Which topics concern Europe, and what are the trends in EU politics? And finally, what has to happen after May 26?


The worst thing you can do is do nothing. The worst thing you can do is not vote. So, we are trying to mobilise people to say ‘no’ to hate and ‘yes’ to change: Get out there and vote for people who care about a better Europe!

Laura Sullivan

Executive Director, WeMove.EU

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