The 2015 European Union’s report on Policy Coherence for Development was released in August and publicly launched on 19 October, in the presence of Commissioner Mimica. A panel discussion was organized including CONCORD Director Seamus Jeffreson.

Every two year, the European Commission publishes this report on progress made in implementing PCD throughout a number of policies, grouped under 5 “global challenges”, namely trade and finance, security, food security, climate change, and migration. The report is based on inputs from Member States and EU institutions.


While CONCORD appreciates some progress in some specific policy areas (e.g. fisheries), our analysis is that the emphasis on progress made in the 2015 PCD report is way too optimistic. Challenges remain many and existing institutional mechanisms are still weak to help delivering concrete policy changes that are coherent with the objectives of sustainable development, poverty eradication and the protection of human rights. The different Spotlight policy papers on PCD recently published by CONCORD offer many examples of incoherencies and possible alternative solutions.