CONCORD is happy to announce the signing of a renewed partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the coming two years.

bill and melinda gate foundation logo

CONCORD has received support from the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation in the past, mainly for its AidWatch work. Based on the evaluation of this past cooperation and the priorities of the new CONCORD strategy and of the Foundation, CONCORD has signed a contract for the period 2016-2018. 

The overall objective of the funding is to deepen analysis and broaden participation within CONCORD work towards “more and better aid from the European Union”.

As well as deepening and broadening CONCORD’s work, one major innovation that the funding brings is the ability to hold regional workshops outside Europe, and the focus on gender work. Both of these elements reflect the current CONCORD approach to developing strategic alliances and partnerships and enhancing our gender action.

The areas of work that will be supported by the Gates grant include:

  • The EU presidencies
  • The CSO Roadmaps
  • Gender
  • Promoting a more positive discourse on migration
  • The future of ACP-EU relations
  • Reporting on ODA quantity and quality
  • Engagement in financing for development discussions


For more information, please contact Seamus Jeffreson, CONCORD Director.