The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) determines the architecture of the EU’s budget. As the current MFF is coming to an end in 2020, this episode of our “Talking Development Podcast” reveals the important elements that should be put into consideration for the new MFF which will last for seven years (2021-2027). Stay tuned as we explain why you should care about the new EU budget and what is at stake for European NGOs.

Tune in and listen to the 5 complementary inputs of our speakers and find out everything you should know about the Multiannual Financial Framework.


More information on the milestones of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) can be found in our MFF timeline .

Ahead of the EU council of 12th and 13th December, CONCORD together with Eurodad, CAN, VOICE, EPLO, HRDN and ENoP sent a letter to EU Heads of States and Governments to safeguard 10% of the future EU budget for external actions.

The EU budget sets the EU’s Priority for the next coming seven years. In terms of EU policy implementation, it is really of critical importance. And as citizens and EU taxpayers, the EU budget and the EU policy priories should be of key importance to us all.

Céline Mias

CONCORD's Vice-President and Director , CARE International EU Office

It is clear that we are facing a climate emergency and the poorest countries are those who are most hard hit. If we want to tackle the climate crisis, we will need action in all countries of the world including developing countries and the EU budget can help the poorest countries both to face the impacts of climate change, to prepare themselves for those impacts, but also to take action to be part of the transition.

Wendel Trio

Director, Climate Action Network Europe (CAN)

One thing to particularly commend is the leading role that the European parliament has played in the negotiations.

Jean Letitia Saldanha

Director, Eurodad

What is really important is to make sure that this heading, and particularly the humanitarian development budgets are at scale. So they represent now with the European commision proposal around 10% of the overall budget which is good, and needs to be maintained or even increased.

Bruno Rivalan

CONCORD Board member, Deputy Director, Global Health Advocates (GHA) France

The European Union stays one of the most important donors in the world, which is not just  about money, but which ia about solidarity on a global level.

Kathrin Schick

Director, VOICE, the European humanitarian NGO network


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