Fiscal Agent for All Partners and Taxpayers

A fiscal agent for all partners and taxpayers? Yes, initially successfully located in the North and subsequently located in the global South with a responsibility to serve the work of the Beyond 2015 Campaign on all continents. While the flow of development aid and finance is usually from the North (developed countries) to the South (developing countries), the Beyond 2015 Campaign chose, on merit and after a competitive process, a unique organisation as its fiscal agent: the Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Learning to listen before speaking up: Beyond 2015 advocacy lessons

Reviewing the advocacy work of a campaign such as Beyond 2015 is not an easy task. As expressed in the campaign’s external evaluation: “The legacy of any advocacy campaign goes well beyond words. Having said so, UN officials and representatives of Member States seem to have genuinely welcomed and thoroughly considered the inputs of the campaign”.

Should we take this evaluation seriously? What real aggregated value does it have for future campaigns?

How to build a global campaign? Good question! This evaluation will give you incredible insight about critical lessons we learned from the Beyond 2015 experience. In essence, it outlines how to build a global campaign. When Beyond 2015 was in its beginnings there was no manual for how to set up an international civil society campaign.

5 things I needed to know 5 years ago about building global campaigns

As someone who has been intimately involved with Beyond 2015 for the last five years, Leo Williams, director, has been waiting with baited breath for the evaluation – both with an eye to the past and to the future. He has lost count of the number of times he has wished that a detailed evaluation of a global civil society campaign existed in 2010…

Spotlight reports: Policy Coherence for Development

Spotlight reports: Policy Coherence for Development

Since the Lisbon Treaty, policy coherence for development (PCD) has been a legal obligation on the European Union (EU) and its Member States. However, designing coherent policies is not always an easy task and implementing PCD calls for the right approach and appropriate means. Find below CONCORD’s publications on PCD.